Projectweek: Language and Identity

Suzan Drummen in Projectweek.

Suzan Drummen in Introduction Projectweek.

It had been a great day.

I did some organisations of my portfolio the past few weeks, a week before I relapsed and weeks afterwards i was just keeping my head in front of the computer screen and making websites doing writings. I have always thought that I am a painter or a drawer, but looking through my works, I found out that my works have always been reacting with the surrounding and the people, the space matters to my works very much. I made mostly installation works last year, works that did not last, like the wall paintings, not only that they do not last, they irritate; the seeds installations, they hindered movements of the people that exist in the same space, they transformed the flows of the room  and forced the audience to move in a way that I intended; the chairs installations, they tortured the ears of the ‘beerholder’ with the repeating Dutch Folksong; the rabbit poops, they imitated the shits and  destroyed the beauty of the dunes. i am assaulting people that present at the same moment and same space with my works.

Fragility also form another aspect of my works, they are easily destroyed or broken down.

That was my statement for my works for now, I told Sandra about the Butoh Workshop I joined a few years back while I was in Malaysia, she was surprised and she told us that she started performance not in Europe but in Asia and Butoh had inspired her a lot. Such concentration. I almost forgot that I am still in the ‘Drive Wild’ Workshop by Igor Podsiadly from Club Guy & Roni in the Noorderkerk about the transformation of the body. I have missed one weekend of working since I was dragged back to the closed ward.

Butoh background in 2010, The Annexe Gallery, KL

Laikuen Chan at Butoh Jam in 2010, The Annexe Gallery, KL


Butoh master Yukio Waguri‘s Labyrinth

Monday Location Central Hall

9.30 Lecture Johan Faber –Language and Identity

10.30 Introduction by Sandra Johnston

11.00 Introduction by  Kole Ade Odutola

11.30 Introduction by Andrea Stultiens– Ekifananyi

11.45 Lunch (Cafeteria)

12.30 Introducton by Cliona Harmey

13.00 Introduction by  Magda Grzybowska

13.30 Introduction by Tobias Karlsson

14.00 break


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